Director’s Message

As the director of this small consultancy, I take personal pride of all the services that MCDR provides. I very much enjoy contributing towards the successful completion of projects through my traditional quantity surveying services including the timely, fair and amicable resolution of any issues that arise.

As a surveyor-advocate, I strive to ensure that my clients get access to justice with the best representation. I will conduct a preliminary review of your case without charging any fee and inform you of my views and tailored proposal for acting as your advocate.

The distinct service of expert witness involves providing my independent expert opinion report on quantum, that is, the valuation element of disputes. My work has been utilised in formal dispute resolution proceedings, as well as risk assessments and negotiated settlements.

I have enjoyed combining academia and professional work throughout my career. My PhD thesis focuses on statutory payment provisions and adjudication. I am also interested in the wider discipline of construction law and dispute resolution, as well as the implications of broader civil law reforms that enhance access to justice or otherwise interfere with the parties’ freedom of contract. I am happy to consider a wide range of academic opportunities including acting as visiting scholar, or assisting universities and organisations develop their courses. 

Thank you for your interest in MCDR’s services and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Harry Meliniotis