Expert Witness

MCDR has acted as party-appointed quantum expert on several construction and engineering projects. MCDR has provided advice and independent expert opinion to clients on a variety of valuation disputes and other contractual issues such as:
• variations (including additions, omissions and substitutions to the works under different valuation rules)
• loss & expense claims arising out of delay, prolongation, disruption and acceleration
• damages for breach of contract including wrongful termination
• contra charges caused by delays / disruption to following trades, damage to the work of other trades and attendances (e.g. provision of scaffolding, rubbish clearance etc.)
• costs for rectifying defects 
• forensic accounting involving ‘cost-plus’ / ‘quantum meruit’ contracts
• re-instatement costs following damage by insurable events such as fire or flooding

MCDR will provide an impartial report clearly stating our expert’s opinion and the basis on which it has been reached. Our benchmark is that, with the same evidence being available, the same opinion would have been reached if we were appointed by the other side instead.

MCDR accepts instructions from solicitors, insurers or parties directly.